To become a client, an individual:

  1. Must earn less than 125% of federal poverty level from all sources (including child or spousal support) based on household size; (see 2016 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines)
  2. May not hold liquid assets of more than $5000;
  3. Must present identification, proof of residency, proof of household income, and any other supporting documents; and
  4. The issue for which you seek assistance must be in an area of law in which we practice.

To find out if you qualify, please call our office at 843.815.1570. Our staff will ask for information about your income and about the problem for which you are seeking assistance.

If you qualify, our office manager or a volunteer will call you back to schedule an intake appointment. After the intake appointment, our Executive Attorney will review your case to determine if it is one that we can accept. You will be notified if your case is accepted. You are not a client of Lowcountry Legal Volunteers until we have accepted your case.

We do not charge for our legal services, however, you will be responsible for any court fees and/or other fees associated with your case.

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