National Volunteer Month/Week

Shannon McClure - Friday, April 20, 2018

In the midst of National Volunteer Appreciation Month, falls National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 15th-21st and whether you are a volunteer in our office, a board member, or both, I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about the impact you have.

We, as a staff, have come up with several ways to show our thanks during this reflective time, as well as year round. You see, our organization was founded on the premise that we can help more families in crisis by utilizing the brain power and past experience of qualified volunteers. Now we rely on your work, your efforts, and your past that you share with us to help fulfill our mission of helping low income residents of the Lowcountry. WE are powered by YOU.

Over the next few weeks, I will speak with each of you to find out your thoughts on improving our processes and efficiency to better serve our clients-please don't hold back, I want to know your thoughts and ideas for improvements.

As I approach my two year mark as the CEO of Lowcountry Legal Volunteers, I think back to the difference and impact you have all made:

  • Coming in to work extra shifts when we were short handed
  • Going above and beyond with a complicated phone call to help someone who may never even become a client
  • Doing work outside of your comfort zone (answering emotional phone calls, technology, typing, preparing a large mail campaign, etc) 
  • Helping me, personally, with your expertise in tax knowledge, employment law, HR, etc. 
  • Going out on your own to make us the beneficiaries of small fundraisers in your own worlds (I am humbled, truly).
  • Staffing free legal clinics on a variety of topics to expand the work we are able to do under our mission statement
  • Serving on special event committees
  • Going to court with our legal team 
  • Celebrating with us-birthdays, milestones, holidays, special events and our growth as an organization
  • Speaking well of us in your communities so more folks are aware of the very important work we are doing
  • Never failing to show up with a smile on your faces and an attitude of eager helpfulness
  • Mentoring staff and other volunteers

What you all do for us is invaluable and I make a promise to you to never waste your time and to always listen when you have suggestions to make what we do better. You are the reason we are able to do what we can for folks and I am indebted to you for your time and talents and all you bring forth.

So thank you!

The Staff of Lowcountry Legal Volunteers

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